Welcome to Secular Scotland – A Nation where Religion is in Retreat

 by The following fascinating article from Judith Duffy appeared in this weeks, Sunday Herald.   It is a generally accurate  and through portrayal of what is going on in Scotland today.   One of the most interesting points is that the Humanists, Secularists and the Church of Scotland are agreed.  They think that the churches are failing to keep up with the spirit of the times and … Continue reading Welcome to Secular Scotland – A Nation where Religion is in Retreat

The Contemporary Free Church – Diverse, Biblical and Growing

The Free Church is growing, changing and developing.   Yes – this is really happening, its not just the kind of pep talk that church leaders offer as a type of religious propaganda.  I have seen too much to be either taken in by such talk and I would certainly not want to participate in it.  So this is not hyperbole.  There is something in the … Continue reading The Contemporary Free Church – Diverse, Biblical and Growing

Birth of a New Church – Montrose Nov 1st 2015

“We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new church in Angus.  Grace Church was born on 1st November 2015, at 11am in the Scout Jubilee Hall, Montrose.  Weighing in at 50 people it is hoped that she will grow in such a way that Christ will be her, so that his name may be glorified”

The Birth of a New Church

Yesterday yours truly and David Meredith drove up the coast road from Dundee to Montrose, to participate in the birth of a new church, Grace Church, Montrose. It was a beautiful drive in the glorious Angus sunshine, with the colours of autumn still magnificent.   We did not really know what to expect and so it was with a mixture of apprehension and excitement that we found our way to the Scott Jubilee Hall in the centre of the town.

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It was a wonderful morning. The folks in Montrose have leased the hall (which is largely used for guides and scouts) for six months and they have repainted it, and done the garden, planting new plants and removing weeds (somewhat apposite for a new church!).   Continue reading “Birth of a New Church – Montrose Nov 1st 2015”

Whither Church of Scotland Evangelicals now?

Why Bother?

Why did I bother debating Scott McKenna? Was it some kind of church politics, seeking to score theological points against the Church of Scotland?   Was it just because I love arguing and a good theological rammie gets the blood circulating?   Was it just another pathetic attempt at self-publicity – pick a fight and they will come running?

Insofar as it is possible to discern one’s own motives let me simply state that my only reason for debating Scott was to seek to bring the Gospel both to him and his congregation.   I believe that what he teaches is from the pit of hell and that it condemns people to hell.   Much as I hate things such as slavery, poverty and racism and would and do campaign against them both within and out with the church, I hate the teaching of a false gospel even more – because it takes away from the glory and beauty of Christ, and pulls people away from Continue reading “Whither Church of Scotland Evangelicals now?”