The Great Evangelical Scandal

This months article in Evangelicals Now – you can get the original here THE GREAT EVANGELICAL SCANDAL The church is taking a battering. In the 24/7 news world of the Internet and the era of monetised sensationalist reporting it seems as though the Good News is being eclipsed by the bad news. The father of lies is having a field day – although to be … Continue reading The Great Evangelical Scandal

The Return of the Celebrity Pastor

This months column in Evangelicals now.  Mark Driscoll is back. For some that sentence speaks of a nightmare. For others it is something to be welcomed. Others will ask ‘Mark who?’ – thus demonstrating that celebrity pastors can have as short a fame lifespan as reality TV stars. I met Mark in 2008, in my first stint as editor of the Record. He was the … Continue reading The Return of the Celebrity Pastor

Pride – EN August

August’s Evangelicals Now article. Pride This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York – an event which was the catalyst for the modern LGBT movement. ‘Pride’ marches, days, weeks and months have become ubiquitous throughout the Western world – especially in the English speaking countries. The politicians and the corporations are falling over themselves in the rush to identify with ‘Pride”. … Continue reading Pride – EN August

Renewing Youth – EN July

This months EN Article. Renewing Youth I was 16 years old. A new convert. Enthused and encouraged in my new found faith. I loved reading the Bible, until one day I was given a book with a title along the lines of ‘101 problems in the Bible – resolved’.   I actually didn’t have any problems with the Bible – but after I read the book … Continue reading Renewing Youth – EN July

The BBC and Christianity – Article in June EN

I have written about the BBC and Christianity before on this blog – but this is a new shorter article published in this month’s Evangelicals Now.  The BBC and Christianity. The BBC has been blamed for facilitating Brexit because it was biased against Remainers in that it gave equal time to the ‘lies and propaganda’ of the Leave campaign.   The BBC has been blamed for … Continue reading The BBC and Christianity – Article in June EN

Transported to Australia – Article in Evangelicals Now

I have begun a new column writing for Evangelicals Now – they asked me to explain why I was going to Australia for my first one.  It has just been published in the April edition – full text below… Transported to Australia   Whilst undergoing some research into my predecessor in St Peters Dundee, Robert Murray McCheyne, I came across a report about a ship that … Continue reading Transported to Australia – Article in Evangelicals Now