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Coffee and Revelation 24 – Worthy Worship

Revelation 24:9-11 – What do you sing? Why? What makes Jesus worthy of worship? Including the song – Thou art Worthy.

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  1. Both in yesterday’s and today’s studies I was overwhelmed by the thought of that waterfall of praise filling heaven into which one day we shall each step.

    Just one thing. We should note that what believers do as we gather is never called ‘worship’ in the NT. Our worship is our living obedience: I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

    Nancy Guthrie makes this point (p. 94) “To worship is to let the worth and wonder of God sink in so that you respond in a wholehearted reorientation of your life. What used to be valuable becomes worthless. What used to be insignificant or optional becomes of ultimate significance and utmost importance. Seeing what God is worth and giving him the glory and honour he is worthy of is worship.”

    In our churches we seem to have corralled ‘worship’ to something we do led by proficient experts in music and leading . This sells out on the glory of the daily grind (surely the daily grandeur) of believers living out obediently.

    Let’s return our gatherings to the prescription of Colossians 3:16-17; this followed by teaching on the transforming of the daily grind – 3:18 – 4:6

    1. I agree that worship is all that we do…but as often happens in Christianity when we correct something we overcorrect. It is correct to refer to the public gathering of the Lord’s people as ‘worship. We need to hear the words ‘let us worship God’. The loss of the concept of public worship has been devastating for the Christian church in some areas….

      1. The point stands: can you find any NT reference naming a gathering of believers as ‘worship’?

      2. Can you find any NT reference which says that a gathering of believers is not worship…or just a lecture? When I look at where the word ‘worship’ is used in the NT it often refers to time and place.

    2. It’s interesting that Colossians 3 talks about singing to each other as well; reminding each other of God and His works. I hadn’t thought about this, and why it is that I so love to sing with others in church. It strengthens and encourages me. It’s something we can do together and shows our unity.

  2. Thank you for this morning’s thought. I will endeavour to look at the ones I’ve missed, now that I’m off on school holidays.

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