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The Brexit Truths

It’s been a month since we looked at anything to do with Brexit…

One of the complaints that people keep making about Brexit …people lie and then complain about others lying. So I thought I would share a few facts with you…how you interpret them will I suspect depend upon the particular political glasses you are wearing…

1) Brexit Derangement Sydrome is here – During that time we have had a lot of noise, increasing hysteria to the extent that I think we can now safely say that Brexit Derangement Syndrome is a real thing.   As an example  consider this from the Independent   who seem to have a particularly strong form of the disease. People trying to conceive in Britain could suffer from delays to foreign sperm donations under a no-deal Brexit because of additional red tape, technical notices released by the government have revealed.”

2) Some parts of the Leave campaign are both unwise and racist –

I was disgusted to see this LeaveUK tweet –  one of the wickedest and stupidest things in a very competitive field.

Screenshot 2019-10-10 11.55.07








3) Most of those who voted Leave are not unwise or racist – – 

If you want to understand why so many people voted for Leave watch this…


4) Belonging to the EU has costs –

Belonging to the EU is going to cost Scotch Malt Whisky a 25% tariff on its $2 billion US sales.

Another and more significant cost is that of democracy.   The EU has just appointed a failed German defence minister, a failed Belgian PM, a former Finance minister found guilty of negligence and a Spanish politician done for insider trading as its most senior appointments.

5) The Suspension of the Prorogation of Parliament was a waste of time and money –

After all the fuss about the need for parliament to meet to deal with this ‘national emergency’ what did our MPs do with the extra week they have had.  Nothing.  Except bellow, blame and bluster.  They have become a complete embarrassment.

6) Jeremy Corbyn understands what the EU is – but is being a hypocrite…


7) The purpose of the EU is to create an Empire to compete with China and the US


The EU will have an EU army with conscription –

8) The EU’s negotiation is all about stringing out the process until we give them the right result –

9) Another referendum won’t solve the issue

if Remain won it would be the effective end of UK democracy for many people – and if Leave won again the Remainers would not accept it – as Caroline Lucas confirms here.

10) Australia (and other nations) want a trade deal ASAP – 

Being here in Australia it’s interesting seeing the enthusiasm for the opportunities being created by Brexit.   Even to the extent of wanting a visa free arrangement for work, travel and study between the two countries.

11) The first referendum was not won by electoral fraud.

The electoral commission ruled that there was nothing wrong a couple of weeks ago – and yet the myth persists.

12) It is highly unlikely that the UK will leave the EU by October the 31st and doubtful that we will leave it at all.

I cannot see how the EU or UK establishments will let us. The EU have much of the UK legal, arts, political and business establishments in their pockets and they don’t have to face an electorate. So they will continue to operate the way they always have.

Screenshot 2019-10-10 10.44.33

In my view the EU will insist that there is either an election or a 2nd referendum before they grant an extension (apparently the Speaker, John Bercow, without any authorisation, has been negotiating with the EU).   Because it is likely that Boris Johnson and the Tories would win an election the Remainers will seek to avoid that and have another referendum.  In other words we are going to have a Neverendum until ‘the People’ give the elites what they want.

From a Christian perspective I think that the this from Carl Truman is the best thing I have read on Brexit recently..

“For them Europe is an irrelevance, a waste of time and money, a politically correct behemoth, a political construct of no real substance at all. 

If Europe is not so, then one can only conclude that the political classes have failed to persuade people like my sister otherwise; and these same classes are disenfranchising those same people as punishment for their own failures. Those who fear the rise of political extremism might do well to reflect on the implications of that—rather than Brexit or Trump—for the health of our political future.”

Meanwhile I can only watch with despair as the UK political classes destroy UK democracy – and pray that the Lord would have mercy and grant us wise, strong and gracious leaders.

PS.  Ian Blackford, SNP leader, won’t see this.  He doesn’t handle disagreement very well, so he has blocked me.  Feel free to pass it on to him!

What can the Church do about Brexit?














  1. David

    1-4 are correct

    5 is an assertion, not a fact, and an assertion with which I disagree. In legislative terms, it allows the Domestic Violence Bill to progress rather than have everything lost. More importantly, it reminded the Prime Minister that we are a parliamentary democracy, and the executive must command a majority to get its business done. He has no majority, and he is correct is seeking a dissolution to obtain a majority. The current prorogation is fully legal and shows that the aborted attempt was executive sharp practice

    6 is another assertion on which I do not think there is any evidence to support the first part, but rather more for the second

    7 is true for Guy Verhofstadt and people like him, but Verhofstadt is no more the EU than Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland, in fact rather less so

    8 is another assertion and just wrong. The EU (Council, Commission and Parliament) was a withdrawal agreement concluded and the UK to leave in an orderly manner. The prevailing view here in Brussels is that there is no benefit in stringing the process out or in keeping an unwilling and disruptive UK in the EU for any longer than is necessary.

    9, 10 and 11 are correct

    12 is speculation. I think you may be right on the first part, but I think you are wrong on the second part. Politically, the UK left on 24 June 2016, if the Withdrawal Agreement is passed we will leave the political structures de jure at that point, and the rest depends on the nature of the future arrangement. The tragedy is that the UK political and constitutional arrangements will take decades to get into a good place again from this, and just as we have done since the 18th century at least, the UK will be profoundly impacted by what happens on the Continent, and the future of the EU will affect our lives more than we thought when we voted to take back control.

    Fortunately, there is One who is in control, but the UK seems further away from following him than ever

    1. Thanks Adam.

      Re. no.5 – the prorogation of Parliament was to enable it to deal with Brexit…they have done nothing. That is a fact.

      Re. no.6 – There is plenty evidence that Corbyn has voted against the EU all his life. Until now…

      No. 7 – Verhofstadt (and Juncker and Merkel) are the EU. It is clear – and has been from the beginning – for anyone who knows the thinking behind and the origins of, the EU – that the intention was to create an EU SuperState. Didn’t you know that Sturgeon is Scotland?!

      No8. Is also correct. The EU could not believe their luck when May agreed for the UK to have colony status. We continue to pay them money, obey their rules and lose Northern Ireland if we don’t. Of course they loved that ‘deal’! The EU has never accepted the result of a referendum they do not like – they will get us to vote again – thanks to their willing stooges here . All they have to do is just wait….after all they don’t have an electorate to deal with.

      no.12 – The UK has not left the EU is any way (I think you meant emotionally rather than politically). Yes what happens in the EU will greatly affect us. Whether we are part of the Empire or outside it…

      1. David

        Thanks for your reply, which seems to confirm that most of your points are more correctly assertions or positions, rather than uncontented facts.

        Re Guy Verhofstadt, he is not the EU, and he is not the European Parliament. He is the chair of the Parliament’s Brexit steering committee, but he is no leader the leader of his political group. Davis Sassoli is President of the Parliament and a much more important figure in the EU. Equally, Ursula von der Leyen is much more important than Juncker, whom she replaces in three weeks. Macron is the now dominant head of government, not Merkel, a status he revelled in when hosting the G7 in August. One person is no more the EU, than one person is Scotland, or that Nigel Farage’s or Boris Johnson is England or Brexit. It is much more complicated than that, and as you have argued before, the biggest problem with the EU is lack of accountability, and the fact that there is no EU government, and therefore no head of that government confirms that.

        On Corbyn, I tend to agree, but his office would probably deny it.

        On 8, that is a very strange reading that is common among the British press, but not once have I heard anything from Barnier or anyone else over here to justify it. The UK wide backstop was a demand from Mrs May to placate the DUP, which remains very unpopular with many EU member states, as they think it gives the UK a competitive advantage – cherry picking the good bits of the single market without the costs.

        On 12, the UK has not left de jure, but de facto it has in various ways on the political level, and since Johnson took office this is even more marked by the UK not sending ministers and officials to various meetings, since the PM thought they had “better things to do”. Again, this is an assertion on my part, based on what I see and hear in the institutions here. The reality of the withdrawal agreement if it ever were passed would be clear that the UK has left, and the ERG mantra that it was BRINO or not really leaving was a nonsense. The pastoral issues in our church arising from people’s losing various rights and protections when we leave testify to that reality.

        The most important fact remains that on 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave. The politicians have an obligation to carry that out in a way that is in keeping with their oath to serve all their constituents to the best of their ability.

      2. Sorry, I wanted to come back on Prorogation as well. The government in all their utterances during the court cases in both London and Edinburgh maintained that prorogation was nothing to do with Brexit, but to prepare a new Queen’s Speech and end a ridiculously long parliamentary session. However, no government lawyer could be found to testify on oath to this, and the Courts, particularly the Inner House, drew the inference from this that the government should not be believed on this, hence the ruling.

        This new legal prorogation is for 5 days and closes the session and allows for a new Queen’s speech, which is the purpose of prorogation. What Johnson wanted was not really a prorogation but a dissolution, but he and his advisers aren’t as clever as they think they are.

  2. We all know that the eponymous inspiration for the adjective ‘kafkaesque’ was not a Christian but the Brexit protraction certainly fits that descriptor’s bill.

  3. The Daily Telegraph, today has Verhofstad calling those who voted leave as traitors
    And the President of EU parliament saying an extension would only be granted if there were an election or referendum.
    Meanwhile, last evening Andrew Neil gently cornered Blair in Blair’s insistence on a referendum, clearly against an election. A parliament rigged referendum, with deliberately weighted options.
    Don’t know how the man has the barefaced gall. Neil was sparing indeed.

  4. What is the evidence for conscription being introduced, Pastor? He doesn’t specifically mention it in the video. Are there other sources making this claim?


  5. Yes, there is no mention of conscription of 18-35 yr old in the video.

    How do you construe this to be the case, Pastor David? If you have other sources for this information, can you please provide links?

  6. Thank you for featuring a bottle of Glenfiddich. It is a reminder that Jesus did not turn the water into coca cola.

    Although it seems the Mormons have long since banned that pop too. A very modern heresy, LDS, as befits an American original belief system. Worse than J.Witnesses at doorstepping though.

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