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Quantum 62 – The one with Thomas Cook; Boris; Miliband; Generosity; Forgiveness; Climate Change; Chinese Communism; No Whites Anti-Racism; Abbey Road; Kanye West; Gaelic Psalms

This weeks quantum has some great clips…

We look at:

Lessons from the rise and fall of Thomas Cook 

Boris Johnson’s misunderstanding about human equality

David Milibands million dollar ‘charity’ salary…

A myth debunked – are religious people more generous?

A great example of forgiveness….Amber Guyger and Brandt Jean – Forgiveness – the Most Radical Teaching of Christ – in Practice

Some balance on the Climate Change debate.

Corporate Capitalists and Chinese Communists unite…

A UK court rules in favour of compelled speech...

 Edinburgh University Hosts Anti-Racism Event that Bans White People

The Beatles – 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road celebrated by the BBC  

Kanye West – No longer making secular music.



Adam Tyson sermon…


The Nations Favourite Hymn

 Gaelic Psalms = The Sound Odyessy – Calum Martin –

Quote of the Week



Quantum 61 – The One with Labour, UK politics, EU flag, Greta, Ethiopian Trees, Sex Ed , The Madness of Crowds, Rees Moog on Abortion, China and 10 Commandments, Mercy Killing’ Ry Cooder






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